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PSA: Accounts being compromised, overcharged. Reagan: I mean what hope is there? It is really a very sad kind of interpretation.

And this is the Millennium? Nathan Jones: And Satan is supposed to be reined in, he is supposed to be put into a pit during the Millennial Kingdom.

Obviously he is working right now. Name one. Gary Fisher: I just simply say believe it as it is written. Gary Fisher: Just believe it as it is written.

Reagan: And a good example of that I think is in chapter 7 where it talks about , Jews being sealed in the end times to do a certain work for God.

Do you have to put it up in the sky with neon lights flashing on and off? I mean come on? Nathan Jones: Ok, Dr. Dennis Pollock: Yeah.

Yeah give me some Romans there is some real meat. Let me read the Gospels, you can really get a lot. So you have to respect it. Reagan: You got any other keys to interpreting this book?

Understanding it? But I find throughout Revelation wherever there is a symbol the Bible then goes ahead and explains it. Or sometimes you have to go into the Old Testament to get a definition.

Like for instance when Jesus is talking about the seven stars and the seven lampstands just a few verses later He says in chapter 1 that the lampstand are the seven churches and the stars are the angels that protect those churches.

So you got to let the Bible speak for itself, you have to let the Bible interpret for itself and you have to make allowances for when the Bible is poetic then accept it is poetic literature.

When it is apocalyptic accept it as apocalyptic literature. I want to come back for a moment to a questions concerning the Rapture that relates to Revelation.

And that is: Where is the Rapture in the book of Revelation? Dennis Pollock: It was Philadelphia. Reagan: Sometimes people point to chapter 4 and they say that when John was taken up to Heaven, raptured up to Heaven that this was a type of the Rapture of the Church.

What do you all think about that? Nathan Jones: Yeah, you get to chapter 19 and all of sudden the Church is in Heaven. Reagan: The focus of the first 3 chapters is on the Church.

Reagan: And suddenly no mention of the Church, it mentions Saints, well is that the Church? Dennis Pollock: Well clearly there are believers throughout the Tribulation.

Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our forum about the book of Revelation. Fellas, let me ask you this question is the book of Revelation in chronological order?

Gary Fisher: I think it is. Reagan: I think I would say that in general, overall it is in chronological order, but I think that in the book of Revelation there are both flashbacks, and flash forwards.

Dennis Pollock: My answer would be yes and no. In general yes, but there are parenthesis where you have God inserting a whole concept.

You have the parenthesis in Revelation 13 where He talks about the beast and how he gets his start and who his worker is.

Well the Antichrist shows up a long time before Revelation 13 but God just takes one vision. Reagan: Well there is almost a rhythm where the Lord will talk about these judgments that are coming upon the earth and they build and they build and the terror becomes increasing and then all of sudden it just cuts off and there is a parenthesis where He encourages the reader to look forward to the end, we are going to win in the end, the saints are going to come out victorious and then He will pick up the narrative again and start talking about another tribulation.

Sometimes there is a look backwards for example in Revelation 13 he looks back to the birth of Jesus and starts talking about that.

Reagan: We are used to flashbacks in modern fiction writing, what we are not used to are flash forwards because God knows what is going to happen in the future He can flash forward and talk about it.

And we need those throughout Revelation. Reagan: Now one of the areas in the book of Revelation where it has been the most speculation has to do with chapter 7 where it talks about , people.

Dennis Pollock: And of course probably almost all Jews, well not all but most Jews would not be able to tell you what tribe they are from, but God knows He has excellent record keeping in heaven.

So it would be no problem at all for Him to choose from different tribes and raise up these individuals. Dennis Pollock: One thing you have to remember is that God is a communicator, I mean He knows how to communicate and it would be foolish for him to write a book out so mystical, so bizarre, so highly symbolic that nobody could get anything out of it.

It would be like you inviting me to come on this program and I spoke fluent Russian the entire time.

Gary Fisher: There is another dynamic being mentioned here and those , from the 12 tribes of Israel can bring to mind something that God has operated in the past.

What happens in the enterprise of preaching the Word of God when the Holy Spirit falls entirely on a Jewish person?

Where would we be without the Apostle Paul? Or some of the other Jewish prophets. When the Holy Spirit gets involved in the Jewish person then the enterprise of reaching people goes into a hyper gear.

There is going to , of these guys. Reagan: Well that reminds me of a conversation I had one time with Zola Levitt who has gone on to be with the Lord now but he was the leading Messianic Jew here in the United States.

Who do you think they are going to be? Nathan Jones: Well there are a few candidates obviously. Most people say Elijah because Elijah was the forerunner of Christ, all though I think Jesus pretty much cleared up that Elijah the forerunner really was John the Baptist.

It talks about possibly Moses that he might have been raptured, but we read in Joel that he did die, so he is iffy. Enoch was raptured from the earth so we have 2 guys in the Old Testament Elijah and Enoch who were both raptured.

One represents Israel, Elijah, and one Enoch he was a Gentile, before there were even Jews so he could represent that.

Another theory is that it is just 2 people who are alive at that time period who are gifted like the , and have a special ministry. They have the ability to shut up the rain, they can call down fire.

Reagan: Yeah, it is like a Christmas in the middle of the Tribulation, people exchange gifts they are so happy over the killing of these two guys who have been the conscious of the world during this horrible time.

Reagan: Well, the Jews believe that too, you know when they hold the Passover meal they always have an extra chair for Elijah the prophet because they know he is going to come back in the end times.

Reagan: Ok, let me ask you this question another area of great mystery is the number which people are going to have on their hand or their forehead in order to buy or sell.

Why ? What is the symbolism of that? Dennis Pollock: Well the one clue that is given is John describes it as the number of a man.

Paul said that the Antichrist will show himself in the Temple of God, that he is God. So basically what you have is a man acting as God, Satan inhabiting him.

Satan has always wanted really 2 things, one is power, and the other is worship. And in the Antichrist he will have it, he will have power for a very brief time over the whole world.

And he will have worship and he will force that worship on all apart from those who put their faith in Christ will give him that worship.

Reagan: So the Antichrist will be a type of the Messiah. Reagan: The false prophet will be a type of the Holy Spirit. Reagan: Welcome back to Christ in Prophecy and our forum on the book of Revelation.

Fellas, is there anything in the Book of Revelation that you do not understand? To me one of the simple things that I would love to know what it really means to reign with Christ.

Dennis Pollock: A lot of times when people talk about our eternity their idea is you go to Heaven and you sing non-stop forever.

And I have to be honest Dave that sounds a little boring to me. I mean, I love worship, I enjoy worship praising the Lord, but really?

But just what does that mean? Who will we reign over? Will there be other worlds that will involved? There are so many questions.

Gary Fisher: No, absolutely not. And I take great comfort in that because the Bible says that we are looking through a glass darkly.

Gary Fisher: But one of the things that fascinates me in the book of Revelation is in chapter 22 where it says the tree of life is placed there in Jerusalem.

Gary Fisher: Been placed there at the end of the Millennium and it says that the leaves on the trees are for the healing of the nations.

Wait a minute I thought the healing of the nations has already taken place. Gary Fisher: And it talks about dogs outside and all that kind of stuff.

Reagan: That is my number 1 question. You know I look through a mirror darkly and I have questions and number 1 on the list is who are these nations who appear to be outside the New Jerusalem on the New Earth?

What about you Nathan? Nathan Jones: Like for instance the 6 trumpet judgments, these demonic locusts that come out in the world and they described as heads of lions, and mouths of fire, and smoke and sulfur.

Are those people we are taking about, or are they demons? And why do they look like animals? I mean there are all sorts of imagery in that the Bible gives us but not always a definition.

But I get more and more understanding the longer I read, the longer I study, the more I dig because I pray for that understanding based on that verse.

Gary Fisher: I absolutely concur. I was fascinated by that verse years ago when I first started studying Revelation and it occurred to me one day and I heard this so many times blessed is he who reads.

Reagan: Let me ask you this. When you began to study the book of Revelation as a neophyte just beginning to really get into, it what was the most amazing thing that you discovered in it?

What surprised you the most? Gary Fisher: For me the Jewishness that is involved in it, all the quotes from the Old Testament, the Hebrew scriptures.

Reagan: Well it has more quotations from the Old Testament than any other book.

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Von GodGamer 1 Jahr zuvor. Guter Shooter gesucht. Menü Foren Neue Beiträge Foren durchsuchen. Von Manuel Schmidt 3 Monaten zuvor. Thema hinzufügen. Neue Beiträge. Revelation Forum Forumsdiskussionen mit den Wörtern "revelation" in der Überschrift: Im German Forum wurden keine Diskussionen mit "revelation" gefunden. “He that has an. revelation · Mai ich nehme an, dass Wilson hier, wie schon bei OCTOPUS die Stücke, deren Bänder nicht verfügbar waren ge (äh. › revelation › forum. Nicht eingeloggt · Einloggen. The Revelation Forum, Keine neuen Beiträge vorhanden. Forum, Neue, ungelesene Beiträge vorhanden. Anzahl der Themen. Für Anfragen zu Verbindungs-, Patch- oder Installationsproblemen mit Revelation Online. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Yet Isaiah and Job knew. Such a Deep Heart Felt Story. But I find throughout Revelation wherever there is a symbol the Bible then goes ahead and Expendables Logo it. Welcome, Gary. Reagan: Oh, boy. Reagan: I think I would say that in general, overall it is Wolfsburg Gegen Dortmund chronological order, but I think that in the book of Revelation there are both flashbacks, and flash forwards.

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